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If you’ve heard the term on the news or seen it online, you’ve heard people have made lots of money from it, but you don’t have a clue what it’s all about, then this guide is for you. What it is, Why it is (and why you should care) and how you go about getting some.

The What & The Why

OK, start with the basics. What is it?

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that was created in 2010. Like any other currency, you can buy it, sell it, save it or trade it. Unlike other currencies, and despite what the name may suggest, there’s no physical coins or notes.

The technology which…

My Sky Q Hub was gradually starting to creak under the strain of a Smart Home (30+ devices). Devices were starting to spontaneously drop off the network, and smart TVs and consoles were starting to really struggle with connectivity. With two kids doing remote learning on top of me working from home during the lockdown, there was an urgent need for a stable internet connection.

A phone call to Sky left me deflated; I was basically told they couldn’t detect any fault with my equipment through the self-diagnostics tools, and therefore they wouldn’t do anything about it. I was told…

Back in July, I stumbled across an online advert for a company called Profit Accumulator. They provide support for Matched Betting, claiming to make their customers hundreds of Pounds in profit, virtually risk-free. Risk-free betting? That’s an oxymoron surely? I initially wrote it off as a scam, but it had piqued my interest and after extensive Googling, I came to the conclusion that there might be something to it. So I bit the bullet and gave it a shot.

What’s Matched Betting?

Ok. So let’s start with the basics. It’s true that Matched Betting is not gambling, but you do…

It’s OK to whinge about the internal consistency of Sci-Fi shows

In 2014, the BBC Sci-Fi show Doctor Who ran an episode called Kill the Moon. The story climaxed with the revelation that the Earth’s Moon was actually an egg, which proceeded to explode/hatch a giant Space Dragon… which then beat its wings(!) as it flew off into the vacuum of Space to presumably go and find other giant Space Dragons to mate with and lay more moons. Even for Doctor Who, the writers of which don’t generally scrimp on the crazy juice, this was noteworthy for its absurdity.


John Ferguson

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